10 Reasons Main Street School Rocks!


Hi. My name is Thomas and I’m a parent of two children that attend Main Street School. This is our 4th year at the school and we absolutely love it! So, in an effort to spread the message about one of Central Iowa’s best kept secrets, I decided to write down some of the reasons that make Main Street so special.

There are lots of reasons why Main Street School rocks, but in order to save some time I narrowed it down to 10. Here they are:

  1. Small Class Sizes – Who doesn’t want their child to have individual attention from their teacher? With class sizes under 10 students your child will get their fair share of attention.
  2. Freedom of Movement – I love that there are not rows of desks at Main Street. Students are able to explore and move around in their prepared environment.
  3. The Teachers – All the teachers at Main Street are great. They are willing to go the extra mile to figure out the best way your child will succeed. Plus, being part of a small school community, you have access to your child’s teacher that you might not find at a big school.
  4. Home Environment – The school is a big old house! This really gives Main Street the feel of being a school home and not just a school building. My daughter even claims that other than home, school is the place she feels most comfortable.
  5. Turtles in the Bathtub – Yes, you heard me right. Pay a visit to the upstairs bathroom and you will find turtles swimming around in an old bathtub. Cool and unique!
  6. Sense of Community – My kids know every single kid in the school. And so do I. That’s pretty rare at a school. Through school events and other extracurricular activities there is a good chance to meet new families and become involved with the school.
  7. No Common Core Restrictions – Being an independent, non-accredited school has its advantages. This means at Main Street the math my kids are learning still makes since to me!
  8. Toilet Cleaning – I love the fact that my kids are learning practical life skills at school! And yes this means one of my kid’s job is sometimes cleaning the school toilet. Along with that they learn other basic skills that not only make them great helpers at home, but also gets them prepared for life.
  9. Individual Curriculums – My kids don’t learn like everyone other kid in the world. Each kiddo is unique. So to have a school that will tailor the curriculum to each individual child is great!
  10. Outdoor Space – Another thing that makes Main Street unique is the “playground”. It’s really just a backyard. There are a couple of swings hanging from a tree, a stage, a garden, a mud kitchen and open space for the students to run around. I like the fact that the kids don’t have a normal playset with slides and swings. This environment lets them explore and use their imagination in coming up with new ways to play with their classmates.

So there you have it. Does Main Street sound pretty cool or what? I invite you to contact the school and schedule a tour to see for yourself our great school.