There and Back Again: A Main Street Tale


So you may have noticed that at Main Street Montessori School we have created an ordered environment for your child to learn in. This ordered environment encourages both independence and self-discipline for our students. In this environment students know where to find what they need, and where to put it when they’re done. An ordered environment also has fewer distractions, allowing students to focus on the task at hand. So the question becomes, how do you bring that same Montessori style ordered environment to your own home?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your child showcase their independence at both school and home? And then there and back again. Of course it would! Plus, it will help your child’s self esteem and save you some work around the house. A Win, Win.

Here are some tips on helping to create an ordered environment and making things more accessible at home for your younger child:

  • Provide low shelves or drawers for clothing; lower the rod in the bedroom closet for hanging clothes.
  • Keep a step stool in the bathroom and kitchen so your child can reach the sink.
  • Arrange toys and games on low open shelves with a particular place for each. Sort smaller items into trays or baskets by category, such as puzzles, art supplies, and blocks.
  • Put healthy snacks and foods on a low pantry or refrigerator shelves so your child can help himself.
  • Pour drinks into small, pitchers placed on a low refrigerator shelf. Keep cups within your child’s reach as well.