At Main Street Montessori we offer three different classroom programs.
Primary Classroom: 3-6 Years Old

The Primary program offers a rich, full-day Montessori experience for children ages 3-6 in a comfortable, home-like environment.primary

Classroom Highlights:
  • Classroom environment respects and develops the young child’s growing independence.
  • Children study a full academic curriculum, including phonics-based reading
  • Students learn practical life skills such as cooking cleaning and care of self, as well as social skills with peers, older children and adults.msdivider
Elementary Classroom

Main Street’s Elementary Program takes an active approach to learning. Curriculum and classroom organization adhere to Montessori principles.elementary2

Classroom Highlights:
  • Students set daily goals and monitor their time using individualized work plans
  • Individual, small-group, and large-group learning opportunities take place throughout the day
  • Regular field trips further develop the students’ social beingmsdivider
Middle School Classroom

The Middle school program offers a highly individualized, Montessori-friendly curriculum for children transitioning from a full Montessori environment, a traditional classroom, or a home-schooling experience.middleschool

Classroom Highlights:
  • Lessons encourage active exploration and discovery
  • Students engage in self-directed learning by scheduling and recording weekly educational plans
  • Project-based learning builds cooperative work skills