Comparing the Cost of Preschool vs Daycare


Let’s be honest for a minute. One of the main questions people always want to know when shopping for a preschool or daycare center is the cost. They want to know above all else, how much is this going to cost me. And this is for good reason, because life with children is not cheap. In fact according to Child Care Aware of America, as you can see from the data below, cost of care for young children can be quite expensive.


So how does Main Street School compare to traditional Preschools and Daycare Centers in Central Iowa? Here is the number you’ve been waiting to find out…… Our tuition for our full day Primary Program (ages 3-6) in 2018-2019 is $6,425.00. That is for 9 months of school with each day starting at 8:00am and ending at 2:45pm. Before and After Care programs are also available at a very low cost if needed. Plus, we do have partial scholarship opportunities available. You can view our full 2018-2019 Tuition Schedule along with our Admissions info by clicking here.

Why choose Main Street over a Traditional Preschool or Daycare Center?: Our Primary Program offers a rich, full-day experience for children ages 3-6 in a comfortable, family environment. Some of the highlights of the program are:

  • Classroom environment respects and develops the young child’s growing independence.
  • Hands-On learning experiences
  • Outdoor exploration and field trips
  • Children study a full academic curriculum, including phonics-based reading
  • Students learn practical life skills such as cooking cleaning and care of self, as well as social skills with peers, older children and adults.
  • Small Class Size

We all want the best environment for our children to learn, grow, explore and excel. Don’t let the idea that a Private School might not be an option due to cost. As you can see, not only is Main Street School comparable to many local Preschool and Daycare Centers, but you might actually be able to save money while giving your child a great head start.

Want to find out more about Main Street’s Primary Program? We highly recommend taking a tour of the school. Schedule one today! Send us a message or call 515-981-1275.