Why Are Mats Used in Montessori?


People often ask about the differences between Main Street Montessori and a traditional school. One big difference you will see when you walk into our school is you don’t see rows of desks. What you will see as you walk into Main Street Montessori is students working at floor mats or small tables. The small tables make sense to most people, but what about working at floor mats? The purpose of the floor mats is to define the student’s work space and to reinforce the Montessori principle of “freedom within limits”.

Using a mat is the foundation of almost everything a child will learn in Montessori. The space that the mat occupies is sacred space. It physically defines their own private domain and it is where they will place their materials to do their work. Students learn it’s never okay to disturb a classmate’s work or join a classmate’s work unless permission is given by that student. In many cases, children are doing very interesting work and other children will ask to observe. This is a key step because it establishes peer-to-peer learning, which is also another hallmark of Montessori Learning.

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