Montessori: The Peace Education


Averting war is the work of politicians; establishing peace is the work of educators. – Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori believed education was the most powerful and universal way through which to reconstruct society; a way to transition from war to peace. Therefore, it is necessary to think of education as peace, not education for peace. While the curriculum we teach at Main Street Montessori School includes ideas about peace, it cannot by itself result in peace. It’s not enough to simply talk about peace, we must create an environment that will promote the development of peaceful individuals. Using Grace and Courtesy lessons within our classrooms we help set the  framework for modeling peace in our school.

Lessons in grace and courtesy are just as important as lessons in math, language, or history. Children at Main Street Montessori School help to establish and keep the ground rules of each classroom. When undesired behavior occurs, the manner in which it is handled involves honoring the humanity of both the child who exhibits the behavior and any child affected by the behavior. Children are taken aside, spoken to in a calm manner, given an opportunity to reflect on what could have been done differently. In fact, impromptu lessons in grace and courtesy happen throughout the day. Grace and courtesy impact all interactions in life – with the environment, with peers, with adults, with family members and new acquaintances. These lessons empower children to be self-aware, empathetic, responsible and independent. Again, the umbrella of respect is ever present in our school.

The Montessori Peace Area

At Main Street children are given several tools to help them deal with personal conflicts. One of these tools is our Peace Area. Sometimes the Peace Area is used to allow a child to have a short period of silence on their own. The Peace Area is also used by the students to encourage conflict resolution through peaceful and respectful communication. When used for conflict resolution, it encourages children to talk about what’s on their mind and gives them a specific place and method to achieve an agreeable solution.

By using Grace and Courtesy lessons along with other tools such as our Peace Area, Main Street Montessori School is providing children with an environment that will promote the development of peaceful individuals. And as we all know, the world can never have enough peace.

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